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Download complete siterip of all the videos and pictures from LACIELAPLANTE's official OnlyFans page! Download and watch these vids and pics made by @lacielaplante

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lacielaplante-01-07-2020-488062350-Just a modern day school girl, turning 30 in August XD.mp4
lacielaplante-01-08-2020-626371409-First shower video from the new home My internet is installed, I can upload videos again.mp4
lacielaplante-01-08-2020-627038221-Wiggly jiggly bum.mp4
lacielaplante-01-09-2020-805542011-- this is fun.mp4
lacielaplante-01-09-2021-2208038011-Flirting is a woman's trade, one must keep in practice..mp4
lacielaplante-02-02-2021-2022562846-Get your face in there.mp4
lacielaplante-02-04-2021-2072040987-Whoops dropped the towel.mp4
lacielaplante-02-05-2020-275569708-Wanna see how I got the buttplug in Required a little bit of finger fucking.. Tip 12$ for.mp4
lacielaplante-02-07-2020-488102914-Red strappy thing...mp4
lacielaplante-03-01-2021-2000758879-I miss AVN ( Too bad it's not happening this year. This was with Miss @avamonroe_mfc.mp4
lacielaplante-03-05-2020-280012129-Shower video day Soapin up and soapin down..mp4
lacielaplante-03-07-2020-495810453-Shower time.mp4
lacielaplante-03-09-2020-825603930-Booty tease in the shower.mp4
lacielaplante-03-09-2021-2211364141-A tease from a morning in the past...mp4
lacielaplante-03-10-2020-1006464158-I hope this works Body painting. You guys have been asking me to talk more in videos and.mp4
lacielaplante-03-10-2020-1010114145-Playing with my boobs -.mp4
lacielaplante-03-10-2020-1011147441-Booty teases for your day.mp4
lacielaplante-04-05-2020-282834967-I'm a star, baby XD.mp4
lacielaplante-04-05-2021-2100364325-red teddy tease...mp4
lacielaplante-04-12-2020-1382087245-licky licky.mp4
lacielaplante-05-05-2020-282930855-Tube Top, Tube skirt.. Very early 00's.mp4
lacielaplante-05-12-2020-1387751345-oiling up.mp4
lacielaplante-06-05-2021-2102146347-titty teases.mp4
lacielaplante-06-08-2020-655208974-Showering before bed this morning.. I got home at 5am I'll be honest I don't remember the.mp4
lacielaplante-06-12-2020-1395706034-I tried to tiktok.mp4
lacielaplante-07-01-2021-2003784218-Shower time ---.mp4
lacielaplante-07-05-2020-282954418-A lil crop top titty tease for ya.mp4
lacielaplante-07-06-2020-402058932-I'm late, I couldnt find my d20's for a bit there But I found them and we rolled a 10 .mp4
lacielaplante-07-06-2020-402091229-oiling my natural boobies.mp4
lacielaplante-07-07-2020-509563235-booty booty booty.mp4
lacielaplante-07-09-2020-849173492-Good morning.mp4
lacielaplante-07-09-2020-853258284-I got a new shower scubber, too bad you're not here to help.mp4
lacielaplante-08-05-2020-283002551-I've had this bodysuit for years, does my bum still look good in it.mp4
lacielaplante-08-06-2020-406292506-GO TO SLEEEP.. she whispered to herself..mp4
lacielaplante-08-07-2020-509992860-Best view in the office...mp4
lacielaplante-08-08-2020-667207437-Shaking my booty on the floor of the hotel...mp4
lacielaplante-08-12-2020-1411544993-I've been a little meh this week so sorry for the slow DM responses..mp4
lacielaplante-09-01-2021-2005263409-Pretty sure I forgot to post this -.mp4
lacielaplante-09-04-2021-2078496339-Scrubby time.mp4
lacielaplante-09-05-2020-301219149-Sexy Bat girl Tip 10$ to see where this video was headed...mp4
lacielaplante-09-07-2020-514850396-Trying on Bikinis and deciding which ones to keep and get rid of before my move.mp4
lacielaplante-10-02-2021-2029214201-Pre shower strip.mp4
lacielaplante-10-08-2020-676117383-Shakin it.mp4
lacielaplante-10-10-2020-1050217249-I put a spell on you...mp4
lacielaplante-10-10-2020-1050219008-Jiggly wiggly butt.mp4
lacielaplante-10-12-2020-1421594126-Let me put my love into you babe.mp4
lacielaplante-11-05-2020-309276654-- fall down go boom.mp4
lacielaplante-11-07-2020-522727334-Wish you were here.mp4
lacielaplante-11-07-2020-522732482-Rubbing under my shorts...mp4
lacielaplante-11-07-2020-522735855-Maybe I should take this off...mp4
lacielaplante-11-08-2020-686666831-Bum in the shower.mp4
lacielaplante-11-11-2020-1234846414-Titty drop.mp4
lacielaplante-11-11-2020-1239858676-Shower time ---.mp4
lacielaplante-11-11-2020-1239903853-Scrubbing the bum and washing the clam -.mp4
lacielaplante-11-12-2020-1427767884-Good morning Shower time ---.mp4
lacielaplante-12-01-2021-2007386091-Get your face up in there.mp4
lacielaplante-12-01-2021-2007404012-More scrubbing --- it's hard to get naked anywhere but the hot shower right now.. forgive.mp4
lacielaplante-12-04-2021-2081162296-More shower scrubbing -.mp4
lacielaplante-12-05-2021-2107107553-Dripping with suds.mp4
lacielaplante-12-07-2020-522742304-Do you like my panties.mp4
lacielaplante-12-08-2020-688994792-stripppin out of my clothes before my shower.. you gonna join me in there.mp4
lacielaplante-12-09-2020-882923298-You guys ask me to speak more.. ok, now check out what I'm wearing under my clothes today.mp4
lacielaplante-13-05-2021-2108047957-teasy titties.mp4
lacielaplante-13-07-2020-531180721-3 Reposting something from earlier this year Taking some new content today, can't wait to.mp4
lacielaplante-13-08-2020-694738007-Wet.. wet.. got me goin like a turbo 'vette.mp4
lacielaplante-13-11-2020-1252833166-Throwback to about a year ago.. a little strip tease for you.mp4
lacielaplante-13-12-2020-1442252685-Pre shower titty drop.mp4
lacielaplante-13-12-2020-1443060374-Question #1 -.mp4
lacielaplante-13-12-2020-1443081948-Question #2.mp4
lacielaplante-13-12-2020-1443497188-Question #3.mp4
lacielaplante-14-03-2021-2054516435-Shower scrub time.mp4
lacielaplante-14-05-2020-318558622-I'm late I'm late But here's today's video.. SQUATS I didn't count how many I did, but .mp4
lacielaplante-14-07-2020-535414897-Quickly flashing on my friends balcony.mp4
lacielaplante-14-12-2020-1444029274-Question #4.mp4
lacielaplante-14-12-2020-1444045404-Question #5.mp4
lacielaplante-14-12-2020-1448868159-Get between these cheeks.mp4
lacielaplante-15-05-2021-2110374074-fishnetty tease.mp4
lacielaplante-15-06-2020-432163875-Just a couple hot redheads @caelyxoffcial https onlyfans.com caelyx Twitter @caelyxoffi.mp4
lacielaplante-15-08-2020-705526180-See your DMs to remove the clothing..mp4
lacielaplante-15-09-2021-2221880820-Blooper reel lol.mp4
lacielaplante-16-02-2021-2033325602-Easy, Teasy, Lemon Squeazyyy.mp4
lacielaplante-16-05-2020-325553856-TWENTY FOUR minutes of me trying on various bras and showing them off. Some quality titty .mp4
lacielaplante-16-07-2020-541926647-Goooood morning.mp4
lacielaplante-16-08-2021-2195245692-what if someone walked into the spa and saw.mp4
lacielaplante-16-09-2020-903916192-Just a lil upskirt.mp4
lacielaplante-16-10-2020-1087670327-Shower time - I actually talk to yooou.mp4
lacielaplante-17-06-2020-440123888-Cave titties.mp4
lacielaplante-17-07-2020-546087264-Gym clothes strip.mp4
lacielaplante-17-07-2020-546721556-Shower time Edit oh lol it's sideways.mp4
lacielaplante-17-08-2020-695602199-- Hey, I-m @alexxxadreams- My ass isn-t all that-s fat and juicy-.mp4
lacielaplante-17-08-2021-2195376427-wanna touch I actually wore these to AVN and let a few people flip the sequins.mp4
lacielaplante-18-05-2020-333141748-I heard through chatting with a few of you that you are into armpits. So here's a video fo.mp4
lacielaplante-18-05-2020-333919120-Enjoy a nice candlelit bath with me..mp4
lacielaplante-18-06-2020-442970099-More titties inside caves..mp4
lacielaplante-18-07-2020-551668119-I've got a surprise under my shirt. Could you tell.mp4
lacielaplante-18-07-2020-551671679-This is so much fun.mp4
lacielaplante-18-08-2020-727258210-I couldnt see without my glasses so forgive me if this video is trash -.mp4
lacielaplante-18-11-2020-1277402716-a little post shower towel tease.mp4
lacielaplante-19-02-2021-2036328734-Whoops nearly lost my phone.mp4
lacielaplante-19-03-2021-2059299105-I made another tiktok.mp4
lacielaplante-19-03-2021-2059303109-Titty drop.mp4
lacielaplante-19-04-2021-2087572841-Shaking titties and titty drops in the shower.mp4
lacielaplante-20-01-2021-2013229426-Hi -.mp4
lacielaplante-20-05-2020-339523362-A video to help you cum.. I beg for your cum while sticking my tongue out to receive it.mp4
lacielaplante-20-06-2020-448792248---- --- ---.mp4
lacielaplante-20-08-2020-739624751-Just a peek of the lips...mp4
lacielaplante-20-08-2021-2197320981-The silliest nipple clamps in existence.mp4
lacielaplante-20-11-2020-1296679775-shake shake shake.. OF went down right as I sent you a fun PPV via DM, you should check it.mp4
lacielaplante-20-11-2020-1300266066-First roll is FOUR VIDEOS Tip $20 to see what I roll for you 3.mp4
lacielaplante-20-11-2020-1300477042-Roll #2 gets two videos... I wonder who gets the first roll of 6.mp4
lacielaplante-20-12-2020-1487073780-They call me big booty cause I've got a big booty.mp4
lacielaplante-21-02-2021-2037898309-teasy time D.mp4
lacielaplante-21-06-2021-2142179807-Sexy soapy shower time.mp4
lacielaplante-21-08-2020-743411789-Getting wet scubbly.mp4
lacielaplante-21-08-2020-743414125-Tweaking out -.mp4
lacielaplante-21-11-2020-1303173339-Roll #4 ended up with a big win - I decided rolling a 1 was unacceptable Tip $20 to fin.mp4
lacielaplante-21-11-2020-1306067437-Still rolling dice, but this time with my boobs $20 to roll, deal ends when I go to sleep .mp4
lacielaplante-22-08-2020-752939900-shake shake shake.mp4
lacielaplante-23-01-2021-2015401683-Awe, one year ago this week I was getting too turnt at AVN.mp4
lacielaplante-23-02-2021-2038887558-Shower video day.mp4
lacielaplante-23-02-2021-2038923781-Hair washing time -.mp4
lacielaplante-23-02-2021-2038926470-Dripping wet.mp4
lacielaplante-23-05-2020-350332768-I don't have anything new for you today, so here's something from my 300 videos I've made.mp4
lacielaplante-23-07-2020-580417179-reposting a towel tease from November '19.mp4
lacielaplante-23-09-2020-948800909-I forget the contents of this video, but here ya go.mp4
lacielaplante-24-03-2021-2063637874-Jiggly titties in the shower ---.mp4
lacielaplante-24-05-2020-356482097-Getting my tits out on my snack ice run last night.mp4
lacielaplante-24-07-2020-582934237-Starting the day by stripping out of this cute hoodie a kind subscriber sent for my birthd.mp4
lacielaplante-24-07-2020-582948541-Someone very kind sent me a bunch of panties and loungewear for my upcoming birthday I'm .mp4
lacielaplante-24-07-2020-582954076-My bum eats panties.mp4
lacielaplante-24-07-2020-582962101-Another cute thong.mp4
lacielaplante-25-05-2020-357781149-Fries Titties. I have no idea what who this is for..mp4
lacielaplante-25-06-2020-465564067-Stripping out of today clothes for you...mp4
lacielaplante-25-06-2020-465581441-Showing off my nude body for [email protected]
lacielaplante-25-07-2020-582984309-Which was your favorite pair.mp4
lacielaplante-26-04-2021-2093801534-I need a shower like this.mp4
lacielaplante-26-05-2020-357974327-Ok.. I'll admit, this dress is so tight I might need help getting out of it..mp4
lacielaplante-26-06-2020-469175610-Sexy soapy shower.mp4
lacielaplante-26-10-2020-1141858841-Strip down and get into bed with me.mp4
lacielaplante-26-11-2020-1332756291-Titty drop -.mp4
lacielaplante-27-05-2020-358046070-Shower video day.mp4
lacielaplante-27-08-2021-2204561624-mmm I wanna go on a vacation again.. Maybe only for a weekend this time.mp4
lacielaplante-27-12-2020-1526026416-wiggle jiggly.mp4
lacielaplante-28-06-2020-475141975-flashy flashy.mp4
lacielaplante-28-08-2020-790458295-pink thong booty tease.mp4
lacielaplante-28-08-2021-2205398027-Sweater tease I can't wait for sweater weather..mp4
lacielaplante-28-10-2020-1152496148-Ok, this is unedited because I actually ended up going up into the mountains today on a wh.mp4
lacielaplante-28-10-2020-1152565094-Body painting Part 2.mp4
lacielaplante-28-11-2020-1348362893-Today's outfit.. I need more warm clothes, there's no heat here haha.mp4
lacielaplante-29-08-2020-791075909-Play with me ).mp4
lacielaplante-29-11-2020-1349948582-Shower time.mp4
lacielaplante-30-06-2020-482049295-Laying on the couch playing with my titties for you ).mp4
lacielaplante-30-08-2020-798516444-Is shower stuff satisfactory.mp4
lacielaplante-30-08-2020-798524340-Scrubba da bum.mp4
lacielaplante-30-08-2020-798541853-I don't remember the content of this video, and it's only been about 15 minutes. I'll find.mp4
lacielaplante-30-08-2020-798646050-Do you like when I hang my tits in your face.mp4
lacielaplante-30-08-2021-2206872206-Floor Twerk D.mp4
lacielaplante-30-11-2020-1356914826-Scrub scrub scrub.mp4
lacielaplante-31-05-2020-375010593-Lol that time I got caught teasing the camera in public... tip 10$ to see where the video .mp4
lacielaplante-31-05-2021-2124045493-Good afternoon, here's my nude body.mp4
lacielaplante-31-07-2020-623339680-Morning from my shower...mp4
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