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7-10-2021, 23:37
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Download complete siterip of all the videos and pictures from CLAUDIAFIJAL's official OnlyFans page! Download and watch these vids and pics made by @claudiafijal

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claudiafijal-01-02-2021-2021610116-Hi babes I ve been away shooting content the last t.mp4
claudiafijal-01-05-2020-274905020-Just saying hi.mp4
claudiafijal-01-07-2020-488666681-Daddy s home time to play You DO NOT want to miss th.mp4
claudiafijal-01-09-2018-12968979-Having fun at the tattoo .mp4
claudiafijal-01-09-2018-12969056-Welcoming you home from work like.....mp4
claudiafijal-01-09-2018-12969074-Come sit down and hang with me.mp4
claudiafijal-01-09-2018-12969095-What color lingerie is your fav.mp4
claudiafijal-01-12-2019-96024101-feeling playful.mp4
claudiafijal-01-12-2020-1363611651-You asked for SENSUAL and CLOSE UP You got it. You .mp4
claudiafijal-02-02-2019-21311441-Hi loves Get ready with me Slide in the DMs.mp4
claudiafijal-02-04-2020-207792271-In a playful mood. Who wants to Skype.mp4
claudiafijal-02-04-2020-207792280-In a playful mood. Who wants to Skype.mp4
claudiafijal-02-09-2018-12998621-Hi guys What are your plans this weekend Don t forget.mp4
claudiafijal-03-08-2018-12022491-Giggles with my girl.mp4
claudiafijal-03-08-2020-636702897-Hope my boys have an amazing week ahead.mp4
claudiafijal-04-01-2021-2000924221-Ohhhh here we go.mp4
claudiafijal-04-01-2021-2000981862-Ready to see my try on haul Three gorgeous outf.mp4
claudiafijal-04-03-2019-24019919-Good morning babes.mp4
claudiafijal-04-04-2020-212192304-Full length VIDEOS coming tomorrow..mp4
claudiafijal-04-11-2019-81004553-Just wanted to share more from my competition with yo.mp4
claudiafijal-05-01-2020-118674840-The chronicles of getting ready.mp4
claudiafijal-05-07-2020-501820331-Decided to slip into something a little more comfort.mp4
claudiafijal-05-08-2018-12090449-And one more because I love you guys.mp4
claudiafijal-05-12-2019-98617514-Because I share everything first here with my guys.mp4
claudiafijal-06-03-2020-169567125-Let s video chat.mp4
claudiafijal-06-07-2020-504788908-One of the most sensual videos I ve shot... Wa.mp4
claudiafijal-06-10-2020-1024774167-You and I are in Vegas we each have a couple drinks.mp4
claudiafijal-07-10-2019-68609952-Hi guys. Miss me I m back.mp4
claudiafijal-08-02-2020-145289004-Going to an 80s party tonight.mp4
claudiafijal-08-05-2020-296709807-FULL NUDE LIVE STREAM Saturday May 9th- 10pm Central.mp4
claudiafijal-08-05-2020-298720730-Hey You have been so amazing with your support. As s.mp4
claudiafijal-08-08-2018-12184168-Another set I m thinki.mp4
claudiafijal-08-08-2018-12184226-Hey darling.mp4
claudiafijal-09-04-2020-222156139-Hmmm... white tee shirt meets water. DM me and say T.mp4
claudiafijal-09-10-2019-69216669-Sweet Dreams ClubClaude.mp4
claudiafijal-10-01-2021-2005360072-You HAVE to see this video My very first VLOG for y.mp4
claudiafijal-10-07-2020-520592377-Happy Friday my loves.mp4
claudiafijal-10-10-2019-69583602-claudiafijal gmail.com for more info.mp4
claudiafijal-10-10-2019-69659676-You guys make my day with your messages a.mp4
claudiafijal-11-03-2019-24648058-Just a snippet of Mesh 2.0. want it DM me.mp4
claudiafijal-11-05-2020-307073236-Sweat with me in the .mp4
claudiafijal-11-05-2020-307128328-Check your DMs for the sexiest workout pics you ll e.mp4
claudiafijal-11-06-2020-415623752-See you guys LIVE in 45 mins FU.mp4
claudiafijal-11-09-2018-13299694-Who s a tattoo fan.mp4
claudiafijal-11-09-2018-13299725-Oh hi.mp4
claudiafijal-12-07-2020-527327779-Want to the purchase the fully unce.mp4
claudiafijal-12-11-2020-1242957983-Sweet dreams babe.mp4
claudiafijal-14-04-2020-233988793-My sexiest photo set yet. If you missed it DM me a.mp4
claudiafijal-14-04-2020-234394554-I loveeeeee natural sunlight as much as I love being.mp4
claudiafijal-14-04-2020-234508218-Did you miss the WET tee shirt in the shower video M.mp4
claudiafijal-15-01-2021-2009687968-TODAY 4pm Pacific Time ClaudiaFijalTV goes LIVE on .mp4
claudiafijal-15-03-2020-180018410-My little gift to you this Sunday... DM .mp4
claudiafijal-15-05-2020-322058545-You gotta see this vide.mp4
claudiafijal-15-07-2020-539661862-What happens next TIP 100 to join my VIP list and fi.mp4
claudiafijal-15-10-2019-71877618-Exclusive first look for my OF subscribers.mp4
claudiafijal-15-12-2018-17980802-Hi babes Training back.mp4
claudiafijal-16-03-2020-180424582-Available in DMs tomorr.mp4
claudiafijal-16-03-2020-180811296-Good morning my loves Looks like we re gonna be spen.mp4
claudiafijal-16-07-2020-543913657-Crawling into bed after a late night out and I m fee.mp4
claudiafijal-16-08-2018-12451006-Just me goofing off at home.mp4
claudiafijal-16-08-2018-12451050-Private Vegas nights.mp4
claudiafijal-16-08-2018-12451077-Just your fav mermaid checking in.mp4
claudiafijal-16-10-2019-72067595-Should I post more clips like this Tip this video If .mp4
claudiafijal-16-10-2019-72191440-Good Morning babe What are you up to today.mp4
claudiafijal-17-01-2021-2010942624-You guys loved my try on haul... but I bet now you .mp4
claudiafijal-17-07-2020-546350782-Wanna Join FREE Photos Videos FREE Voice Notes DISCO.mp4
claudiafijal-17-10-2019-72502390-Just going to leave this here for you....mp4
claudiafijal-18-03-2020-183640199-Good morning Coming in your DMs now.mp4
claudiafijal-18-08-2020-728262240-Want more vids like this Drop a TIP.mp4
claudiafijal-18-10-2019-72913511-Just a quick hello you mean the world to me.mp4
claudiafijal-18-10-2019-72956805-Goodnight my boys.mp4
claudiafijal-18-11-2020-1287793524-TOMORROW NIGHT 8pm Pacific Time To view the show ju.mp4
claudiafijal-19-01-2020-130132516-Instagram gets the blurred versions. You guys don t.mp4
claudiafijal-19-03-2020-184113152-A special message to you.mp4
claudiafijal-19-08-2018-12542853-Like this video if you wanna see more from this shoot.mp4
claudiafijal-19-10-2019-73713962-Orange you glad I didn t buy this in a bigger size th.mp4
claudiafijal-20-04-2020-246501734-I ve been wanting to shoot this scene for you guys...mp4
claudiafijal-20-04-2020-248556199-A request I ve been getting often... What would you .mp4
claudiafijal-20-10-2019-73786754-Who wants me to release never before seen phot.mp4
claudiafijal-20-11-2020-1297265145-You HAVE to see this v.mp4
claudiafijal-21-07-2020-568886069-Cannot wait to show you guys these .mp4
claudiafijal-21-08-2018-12630783-Just saying hi.mp4
claudiafijal-21-08-2018-12630798-Should I post more videos or photos for you guys.mp4
claudiafijal-21-10-2019-74437421-Good morning. Don t mind my bed head and no makeu.mp4
claudiafijal-21-10-2019-74544915-Just wanted to share th.mp4
claudiafijal-21-12-2019-109110003-Who s coming over for breakfast.mp4
claudiafijal-22-03-2020-189730976-My birthday gift to you. A sneak peek.mp4
claudiafijal-22-10-2019-74644446-Do I look angelic.mp4
claudiafijal-22-11-2020-1312832799-Happy Sunday Don t forget t.mp4
claudiafijal-23-03-2020-191282380-Hoping on to do Skype calls Running a special every .mp4
claudiafijal-23-04-2020-253693651-Want to see the kitty Message me .mp4
claudiafijal-23-10-2020-1128037575-Hope your day is as delicious as this.mp4
claudiafijal-24-01-2021-2015664186-Bringing my live streams back soon. Which day.mp4
claudiafijal-24-04-2020-256050963-Like this video if you like my outfit.mp4
claudiafijal-24-10-2019-75842111-Just wanted to wish you a beautiful Thursday.mp4
claudiafijal-26-02-2020-161379124-Greetings from Colombia. Thought .mp4
claudiafijal-26-03-2020-195352379-Gym time.mp4
claudiafijal-26-03-2020-196260595-Today s scene is what you d see if you came home aft.mp4
claudiafijal-26-04-2020-262393295-This tight tan little booty just wanted to wish you .mp4
claudiafijal-26-08-2018-12787419-This was such a fun shoot. C.mp4
claudiafijal-26-10-2019-76553803-Just wanted to share ).mp4
claudiafijal-26-10-2020-1141574835-Wanna see me be a bad kitty DM me an.mp4
claudiafijal-27-03-2020-198160582-DM me and say BO.mp4
claudiafijal-27-03-2020-198188345-Tonight 9 30 Central Time Join me in the b.mp4
claudiafijal-27-05-2020-366212858-You guys requested... I shot. POV LAP DANCE- 4 min F.mp4
claudiafijal-27-12-2020-1531826653-Want to play with me and Sarai You re going to expl.mp4
claudiafijal-28-02-2020-163650979-Hi guys.mp4
claudiafijal-28-02-2020-163657315-Want the whole video DM me and say Colombia You .mp4
claudiafijal-28-03-2020-199712388-For all my boys that like thigh highs. Dropping thes.mp4
claudiafijal-28-04-2020-265654956-Full length clip available in your DMS Message me an.mp4
claudiafijal-28-08-2018-12828438-It s all Gucci.mp4
claudiafijal-28-12-2020-1537753536-Who s ready to see some TRY ON videos I have some s.mp4
claudiafijal-29-02-2020-164511459-Hi guys.mp4
claudiafijal-29-03-2020-200618247-Say hello to Dominatrix Claudia. outfit suggested by.mp4
claudiafijal-29-03-2020-201939557-TIP Highest tippers of this post will receive 5 top.mp4
claudiafijal-29-10-2020-1163863711-Checking in Drop a TIP if you want ex.mp4
claudiafijal-29-12-2020-1544238450-O M G You guys asked for FETISH and BDSM Corrie and.mp4
claudiafijal-29-12-2020-1545254858-Naughty little bunny. I thought it was time to pull.mp4
claudiafijal-30-03-2020-203393762-Thinking I need more sheer in my co.mp4
claudiafijal-30-03-2020-203623508-I m bored doing laundry. So I m going to drop this s.mp4
claudiafijal-30-07-2018-11875252-Sweet dreams.mp4
claudiafijal-30-12-2020-1551140261-corrieyee and I decided to make all your BDSM dream.mp4
claudiafijal-31-03-2020-205613537-The next set DM .mp4
claudiafijal-31-03-2020-205635478-Feeling all sorts of romantic for you D.mp4
claudiafijal-31-07-2018-11910687-Heating things up on Vegas baby.mp4
claudiafijal-31-07-2020-623736262-So excited to d.mp4
claudiafijal-31-10-2019-78931186-Wanna see pt 2 (Trust me you do ) Send me a pret.mp4
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