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Misty Meaner - Big Sis Seduces me on Fourth of July FUL // 1.93 GB

29-01-2023, 07:21
Misty Meaner - Big Sis Seduces me on Fourth of July FUL // 1.93 GB

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My big sis Misty is dead set on getting me to take her to this 4th of july party. I've told her a million times I don't want to go and I'd rather just stay at home and play video games, but she will not drop it. When I tell her the day before that NO I am not going, she continues to press the issue, coming into my room and bothering me making me choose which bikini she is going to wear. So wierd. I still tell her I'm not going, she just wants me to take her to get a ride so she can hang out with Mark her new boyfriend. My ex is going to be at the party and I don't want to deal with that.

Misty barges into my room the day of the party in her slutty outfit and catches me jerking off, embarrasing. She tells me that if I just got to the party I'll get my dick sucked by one of her slutty friends. I still refuse and she advances on me while my dick is still out of my pants. I was in shock when she tried to touch it, telling me if I just give her a ride she will finish me off. Wow. A side of my sister I haven't seen before. I am aprehensive but she bullies her way in and grabs my hard cock and starts stroking it. I guess it can't be that bad if she just makes me cum and I take her, right? wrong. Right when I am about to cum she stops and tells me the girl at the party will have to finish me. What a BITCH. With my cock still hard I grab my stuff and take her to the pool party....

Within the hour its pouring rain and the party has to move inside, I told her this would happen. I'm sitting outside alone when Misty comes out of the house looking irritated. She asks me why I'm outside alone and quickly sees it's because my dick is still rock hard. She tells me she was about to get fucked by her bf when the rain started and everyone came inside. She's horny and cant help herself and puts my dick in her mouth...stroking and gagging on it until I cum in my sisters mouth. The party starts to come back outside and we quickly pull ourselves together. What did I just do!!!?
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