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28-05-2022, 20:21
@hotjade | Jade (Hot Jade, Hotty Jade) // 22.5 GB

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hotjade-2021-11-28-2286887538-As promised a more lengthy casual (meaning not excessively produced just simple bedroom) sex video. Alm.mp4 - 696.2 MB
hotjade-2022-05-11-2451050577-FULL LENGTH SEX VIDEO... Good things CUM to those who wait...patience, my friend. As promised, here is a .mp4 - 684.2 MB
hotjade-2020-11-20-1299326347-Happy Freaky Friday Get your popcorn_-_and or lotion_-_and enjoy this more full length M F sex video as it.mp4 - 637.1 MB
hotjade-2021-09-20-2225786542-As promised, a video post that is nearly 14 minutes. Got dressed up in this red bodysuit that has an open b.mp4 - 614.7 MB
hotjade-2022-02-12-2355748930-We went out for some drinks and then came home. I wore this white bodysuit out with a cute little skirt...v.mp4 - 551.1 MB
hotjade-2020-12-25-1513995697-(Post 2) Hubby and I went to a very small function for work. I wore a white sheer bra and white lacy thong. I.mp4 - 487.6 MB
hotjade-2021-05-29-2122353361-Here is a 10 minute video of me playing with a BIG glass double headed dildo._-_-_-_The outfit was purcha.mp4 - 449.0 MB
hotjade-2021-03-28-2067203426-Well as promised here is the 9 minute video I have been working on. This isn't something I do very often at .mp4 - 407.1 MB
hotjade-2021-02-19-2024516520-Almost 9 minute video...Taking this large brown dildo was a bit of a challenge given that I'm just under 5 fe.mp4 - 393.4 MB
hotjade-2021-05-09-2104826203-Happy Mother's Day to you and to me._-_My gift to you today is me having sex and then taking a facial shot..mp4 - 355.1 MB
hotjade-2022-03-12-2372631819-More solo fun Enjoying the hell out of this big brown dildo My kitty got so creamy white from imagining b.mp4 - 334.2 MB
hotjade-2021-05-21-2114538698-PART 2 Here is the second part of our session where we shot the sex scene horizontally versus vertically. .mp4 - 317.7 MB
hotjade-2021-03-06-2045863870-Shot a 7 minute doggie style sex scene for you ending with with a sloppy mess of pussy cream and cum. Hope y.mp4 - 315.4 MB
hotjade-2022-01-08-2314997226-Another sex video for you this week. Hubby and I were out at a bar last night. I wore my sexy outfit out .mp4 - 299.6 MB
hotjade-2022-01-01-2314983320-Happy New Year...2022 Hoping for an even better, less COVID affected year than 2021 and 2020. I am soo.mp4 - 297.4 MB
hotjade-2021-05-25-2106899010-This is a sexy sheer outfit that a SuperFan got me from my Amazon wish list. I was having so much fun just .mp4 - 266.2 MB
hotjade-2021-02-13-2023770666-What would you do if you found a _ed hotel door. Poked your head inside and said, Hello and was told, .mp4 - 262.2 MB
hotjade-2021-04-24-2078453017-Here is another view angle of me working this white dildo. I have to say that I get so into playing that I do.mp4 - 252.7 MB
hotjade-2021-02-02-2022861496-As promised...we recently went to a hotel to do some special recordings for you with a bunch of new toys (muc.mp4 - 244.5 MB
hotjade-2021-08-27-2204084700-Some solo fun to get the weekend started...can't believe how many times I came with this vibrator. If you.mp4 - 242.9 MB
hotjade-2021-05-21-2114750125-PART 1 Happy Friday...the weekend is HERE As promised here is video 1 of 2. This video was shot vertica.mp4 - 231.7 MB
hotjade-2021-01-20-2013055074-I'm feeling more comfortable sharing my body with you since I started posting here in late October. With that.mp4 - 231.2 MB
hotjade-2022-02-28-2377906433-Ask and ye shall having fun in my Indian saree for your pleasure and enjoyment. I hope you enj.mp4 - 220.6 MB
hotjade-2021-06-26-2145939181-People were in the house so I had to bite my lip and not be loud. Pretty cool how hubby can cum several tim.mp4 - 218.1 MB
hotjade-2022-01-30-2324263292-Sucky, love you long time. Hubby loves that song... Me So Horny, me not so much. But it is kind.mp4 - 212.5 MB
hotjade-2022-04-09-2392176866-Going at it from a different angle...trying to get you the best view possible. Once we get someone to play .mp4 - 212.3 MB
hotjade-2021-06-12-2134304855-Recently went to the pool and tried to record some content, but there were families there so it didn't work o.mp4 - 203.5 MB
hotjade-2020-12-25-1513862542-(Post 1 of 2) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays I hope this video of me playing in the shower and then with.mp4 - 196.4 MB
hotjade-2021-07-09-2150258076-Happy Friday Did a little humping on Wednesday and thought I'd share it with you. We went out to a Mexic.mp4 - 194.2 MB
hotjade-2021-01-25-2013730665-Ride 'em cowgirl -. Damn bed was SOOOO squeaky._-_Had to hold back..mp4 - 182.7 MB
hotjade-2021-12-13-2300830515-I enjoyed riding that BIG Brown Dildo (BBD )_-_Felt tingly all inside, deep inside...think I came at least.mp4 - 182.6 MB
hotjade-2021-03-19-2058018975-This is a Chinese Cheongsam Dress Anime Cosplay Lingerie outfit that SuperFan ETB bought for me from my Amazo.mp4 - 181.0 MB
hotjade-2021-02-23-2034775835-A SuperFan bought this lingerie set for me off my Amazon wishlist and I absolutely love it_-_He asked tha.mp4 - 179.9 MB
hotjade-2021-12-25-2310164087-YESSSS...Another Christmas post for you_-_- Pulled together the whole night series in this outfit for y.mp4 - 166.8 MB
hotjade-2020-11-11-1237718717-This is me thinking about you getting off on me. It's a huge turn on and gets me all wet and horny. I'm envis.mp4 - 158.2 MB
hotjade-2021-06-02-2114757985-Hey Lovers Looking forward to the weekend cumming soon. Thought I'd sport this tight green dress for .mp4 - 156.3 MB
hotjade-2021-04-19-2075616824-This is a lingerie set that SuperFan Dev purchased from my Amazon wish list. Thank you Dev I know why h.mp4 - 152.0 MB
hotjade-2021-05-24-2109568003-Hi honey...I'm home. I had a long day at work, I just want to strip down and get into to bed for a little T.mp4 - 150.7 MB
hotjade-2021-01-30-2013757705-I can feel his penis swell as he's getting ready to cum...makes me so wet_-_and creamy-. You can definitely s.mp4 - 149.0 MB
hotjade-2021-04-10-2076673427-Here is a close look at me...then a VERY, VERY close (inside) look at me. Hopefully this will help you enjoy .mp4 - 143.5 MB
hotjade-2021-06-19-2137804304-B G sex video with me riding cowgirl. The damn bed kept making noise and there were others in the home. D.mp4 - 138.8 MB
hotjade-2021-02-26-2039367942-I love to receive but I also love to give just as much. Makes me so horny_-_and wet_-_stroking, sucking, lick.mp4 - 138.8 MB
hotjade-2021-08-14-2193100138-A little bedroom sex... I love how creamy I get...yummy. What's your favorite position doggie, missiona.mp4 - 133.7 MB
hotjade-2021-04-22-2087454711-SuperFan Dave got me this gold 2 piece outfit from my Amazon wish lish recently. He said I could share the vi.mp4 - 129.3 MB
hotjade-2021-11-15-2269350046-Let me show you a whole new world..mp4 - 122.2 MB
hotjade-2021-01-14-2008124903-A little fun time....mp4 - 118.2 MB
hotjade-2021-01-24-2013725653-Nothing like a wet_-_t shirt with big boobies in it. Then a little boobie play. Is it cum and get wet with me.mp4 - 116.4 MB
hotjade-2021-01-27-2007934336-Not too risque, but really enjoying nature -.mp4 - 114.7 MB
hotjade-2021-04-14-2075375270-Shot this on a recent trip in our hotel suite...was just having fun dancing around in my dress getting ready .mp4 - 113.8 MB
hotjade-2022-05-03-2392179598-It's favorite naughty school girl What if I was your teacher...would you get in trouble on purpose so you w.mp4 - 112.4 MB
hotjade-2021-11-17-2269321477-There was a married guy on the balcony below us. He was lounging on one side and his newlywed wife was on t.mp4 - 110.8 MB
hotjade-2021-09-04-2208317348-Starting off the Labor Day Weekend the right way...with a creampie. Hope you're having as much fun too .mp4 - 107.7 MB
hotjade-2022-05-12-2392302954-What about this new this more family friendly I like the classy look with the sparkles, but I d.mp4 - 107.2 MB
hotjade-2022-01-03-2289893031-All 6 posts combined together If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 107.2 MB
hotjade-2021-07-23-2170615923-Anyone love sex in the shower...I DO_-_Actually I just love sex period. I was just finishing up with.mp4 - 107.0 MB
hotjade-2021-04-02-2034768010-I love feeling a man's hand all over my body rubbing, caressing, kneading, fondling. Makes me so wet_-_and .mp4 - 106.3 MB
hotjade-2022-03-17-2392212665-Happy St. Patrick's Day Maybe I can be your Lucky Charm Plenty of boobies and green cameltoe in this .mp4 - 104.3 MB
hotjade-2021-03-17-2057036164-Happy St. Patrick's Day_-_Hopefully you're able to celebrate and enjoy something GREEN...I may not .mp4 - 104.1 MB
hotjade-2021-07-02-2150222507-Having more fun in this sexy black and sparkling outfit. Hubby came on my pussy this time for you instead o.mp4 - 102.9 MB
hotjade-2021-11-19-2269173293-Headed out in this dress while on vacay. Thought I'd give you a SUPER close up of my areola and nipple. W.mp4 - 99.1 MB
hotjade-2021-11-18-2269973307-Let my SuperFan touch me all over..mp4 - 98.6 MB
hotjade-2021-05-14-2109548964-Getting my kitty_-_warmed up for the weekend...or should I say lubed up._-_Rubbing and playing with her are.mp4 - 97.7 MB
hotjade-2021-01-01-1998904640-Happy New Year_-_May 2021 bring you more joy, happiness and success than previous years. I hope I'm able.mp4 - 95.7 MB
hotjade-2022-01-19-2290042741-I LOVE playing around in public or hotel pools. The possibility of being caught is soooo just.mp4 - 94.7 MB
hotjade-2022-01-07-2310051765-Had to take a Disney movie and make it more adult R rated. Hope I can make you a BIG fan of the naughty C.mp4 - 92.9 MB
hotjade-2021-03-05-2045148007-This is a sexy baby doll lingerie set that a generous SuperFan bought for me off my Amazon Wish List. He want.mp4 - 91.7 MB
hotjade-2021-06-05-2106915416-Hey fans here's a sexy little purple outfit that I really love. Red is my favorite clothing color but I hon.mp4 - 91.6 MB
hotjade-2021-07-28-2171456813-SuperFan Papi got me this sexy little outfit off my Amazon wishlist...THANK YOU PAPI I love how it fits an.mp4 - 89.5 MB
hotjade-2021-04-16-2078392259-This is outfit _2 that my SuperFan bought from my Amazon wish list. Again I hope you all enjoy the video and .mp4 - 87.8 MB
hotjade-2021-12-18-2289913595-Another time when I'm letting a SuperFan run his hands all over me.. I get sooo turned on feeling his cock .mp4 - 85.3 MB
hotjade-2021-11-13-2269970352-More fun with a SuperFan Riding, BJ, and 69...all in one. Are you next.mp4 - 84.5 MB
hotjade-2022-02-10-2310055600-Another video of Cruella Deville Would you cum with me to this year's Halloween party You could be my Dalm.mp4 - 83.7 MB
hotjade-2020-11-28-1293251264-Here is the full video of me out on the farm. These public outings where I pull my boobs and or other parts o.mp4 - 83.6 MB
hotjade-2022-01-12-2290006640-Just lounging around the hotel pool catching (not rays) but stares. Love teasing the hot y0ung guys and all.mp4 - 83.1 MB
hotjade-2021-05-11-2080979394-New club dress that I can't wait to wear out once they open back up...or maybe a trip to Vegas. You asked f.mp4 - 82.7 MB
hotjade-2021-07-05-2150262296-A shorter version of this was recently posted on Reddit...this is the longer version. We had been on a trip.mp4 - 81.0 MB
hotjade-2022-04-14-2385278721-Your favorite nurse is back...Naughty Jade Cum let me give you a physical and see if your reflexes and r.mp4 - 80.7 MB
hotjade-2021-09-30-2234483525-My SuperFan massaging my boobs. ( . Y . ) Then heading south to include massaging my clit and some fingerin.mp4 - 80.2 MB
hotjade-2022-04-05-2372637782-Here's a long extended view of the goods What are the goods you ask feet, calves, legs, ass, hair and.mp4 - 80.1 MB
hotjade-2020-11-25-1325151675-Hope you have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving tomorrow_-_I love giving as much as receiving._-_Working on m.mp4 - 78.8 MB
hotjade-2021-02-15-2023775879-Missing the summer and warmth of the sun on my skin. Not too much longer till I can get back into skimpy clot.mp4 - 77.3 MB
hotjade-2020-11-29-1325100787-Having multiple orgasms thinking about fucking a stranger and fan...such a turn on..mp4 - 76.1 MB
hotjade-2021-11-11-2269964169-Happy Veterans Day...thank you to all the servicemen and women who've kept us safe so we can have the freedom.mp4 - 75.3 MB
hotjade-2021-01-10-2002278183-Doing an extended Basic Instinct play for you....mp4 - 74.5 MB
hotjade-2021-10-21-2244990660-More SuperFan fun in my RED crotchless teddy._-_Maybe you'll be next... If you love these posts tips ar.mp4 - 73.9 MB
hotjade-2021-08-09-2187914607-Nurse Hot Jade_-_Now get undressed and lay on your back on the exam table. I'm going to need to gi.mp4 - 73.2 MB
hotjade-2022-03-03-2372403335-Can I be your private Playboy Bunny Show you around the Playboy mansion Give you special treatment as a V.mp4 - 71.2 MB
hotjade-2022-03-31-2372699954-I got so many compliments and stares when I went out in this outfit for lunch while we were on travel I lov.mp4 - 70.5 MB
hotjade-2021-02-10-2023761190-Even though we didn't record too much footage, I thought you might enjoy seeing me with a Superfan when we ha.mp4 - 70.3 MB
hotjade-2021-08-02-2171464254-Video 1 of 2 Wore this out to a local bar to have some fun. The girls got quite a bit of attention. We .mp4 - 69.2 MB
hotjade-2021-03-10-2035596854-I can be your little country bumkin...let's go for a roll in the hay together. I think I forgot part of my ou.mp4 - 68.9 MB
hotjade-2022-04-26-2392257080-I love this yellow suit...the way it hugs my booty and the contrast with my skin color I love a lot of diff.mp4 - 67.8 MB
hotjade-2021-06-09-2127444913-Happy HUMP Day_-_Wearing this revealing dress in my VIRTUAL club. Cum join me for a drink or two and s.mp4 - 67.7 MB
hotjade-2021-04-21-2078338353-Wanna play with my boobs_-_What would want to do to them...maybe fondle, gently squeeze, kiss, lick, suc.mp4 - 64.8 MB
hotjade-2021-04-07-2074718518-My SuperFan recently purchased 2 items from the Amazon wish list and this is the first one. He wanted me to p.mp4 - 64.8 MB
hotjade-2021-07-18-2161915760-Wearing just a white tank and lacy panties while on the water. We were anchored near a bunch of other boate.mp4 - 64.2 MB
hotjade-2021-10-01-2234561156-More fun with my SuperFan while hubby records. I think he loved making my 34Gs bouncing all around while go.mp4 - 63.3 MB
hotjade-2020-10-28-1155597882-I get pretty wet_-_during sex, especially when I think about us playing again and having a stranger_-_on top .mp4 - 61.9 MB
hotjade-2021-06-23-2137761989-Went out last weekend to a bar and had this really handsome and fit server. I started flirting with him and.mp4 - 61.7 MB
hotjade-2022-01-17-2315006828-Love this sexy outfit and how BIG my titties look in it. Hope you're ready for a super close up of my nippl.mp4 - 61.3 MB
hotjade-2022-04-12-2372639677-Another extended view of the goods This time on my side feet calves, legs, ass, hair, boobs, nipples, a.mp4 - 61.1 MB
hotjade-2021-03-01-2034762928-We went to a restaurant and this really cute bartender served us. He was behind hubby's back and would stare .mp4 - 61.1 MB
hotjade-2020-12-09-1374411433-Hanging my boobies out on the water..mp4 - 60.0 MB
hotjade-2021-12-25-2310048320-Aaaaand another Christmas present for you_-_- How about ME... au natural for your enjoyment._-_Hope yo.mp4 - 59.8 MB
hotjade-2021-12-30-2310060766-Underarms, boobs, cleavage, cameltoe, feet...all your favorites in one video. If you love these posts tip.mp4 - 58.4 MB
hotjade-2021-11-04-2264717441-Tight red dress hugging all my curves and off to the PTA meeting..mp4 - 57.0 MB
hotjade-2022-05-05-2435937711-Here's a good looking at my 34Gs and top half of my body.mp4 - 56.9 MB caught me in the poolside shower Could I persuade you to join scrub my back and I'll sc.mp4 - 56.8 MB
hotjade-2021-12-09-2289678365-Doing a little Christmas shopping at the mall._-_Do you think I'm on Santa's nice_-_or naughty_-_list .mp4 - 56.7 MB
hotjade-2022-02-15-2324235247-Love this sexy little number. If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 56.1 MB
hotjade-2021-05-05-2076650317-If I can't get to the beach, then I'll bring the beach to me._-_-_-_Another bikini that I really liked. I s.mp4 - 55.7 MB
hotjade-2021-10-15-2244975546-Different outfit getting spitroasted a SECOND time...I'm loving it_-_Hmmmm, maybe I should try DP or .mp4 - 55.5 MB
hotjade-2021-10-30-2245062269-Running out to run a few errands. I wonder if any of the dad's that are picking up a few things for the wif.mp4 - 53.2 MB
hotjade-2022-02-04-2290038306-Cum get wet with me baby I don't know what it is about being in water and swimsuits...I get soooo damn horny.mp4 - 52.5 MB
hotjade-2022-03-22-2392293477-I love wearing these types of suits to the pool.mp4 - 52.2 MB
hotjade-2022-05-24-2392304136-What if I ordered room service and you were the delivery man or woman Hubby opened the door and said, pleas.mp4 - 51.8 MB
hotjade-2022-02-24-2324231524-Thought you'd enjoy a panning view of me in this bodysuit If you love these posts tips are greatly apprec.mp4 - 51.2 MB
hotjade-2021-07-13-2161902567-Took my bikini bottoms off._-_Wondering if anyone driving by could tell that I was bottomless. Imagine sw.mp4 - 51.2 MB
hotjade-2021-03-21-2035599175-What do they say, More than a mouthful is a waste. Well, my 34Gs are more than a mouthful and handful. Hope.mp4 - 50.4 MB
hotjade-2022-01-14-2290003898-It's your FAVORITE nurse...Nurse Jade I'm here to fix all your aliments and help you release any pent up.mp4 - 49.8 MB
hotjade-2021-06-14-2134314320-I love these rural countryside's so beautiful to be outside with nature where very little commerc.mp4 - 49.8 MB
hotjade-2021-10-14-2244958542-You asked for more public stuff so here you go... We were on travel and found this great Mexican restaurant.mp4 - 49.7 MB
hotjade-2022-03-26-2372678069-A short clip but I wanted to share with you my juices...hubby says I get creamier than most And while I'm n.mp4 - 49.5 MB
hotjade-2021-04-27-2078396971-Got this not too revealing monokini to wear at the pool or beach with family or friends. Not quite as risque .mp4 - 48.9 MB
hotjade-2020-11-19-1286151796-Two for Thursday This is a short sex clip with audio. To make it go a little longer hubby spliced it toget.mp4 - 48.8 MB
hotjade-2021-02-04-2007928065-Waiting for the elevator with nothing to do so I thought I'd try entertaining you. ( o )( o ).mp4 - 48.7 MB
hotjade-2021-02-08-2023757888-MISTRESS JADE here to start your week off...obey me, do as you're told and you may be rewarded. Disobey me an.mp4 - 48.3 MB
hotjade-2022-01-22-2315037300-Me so horny baby...Me love you loooong time_-_If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 47.9 MB
hotjade-2021-02-17-2023779002-Takes a long time to wash these titties I could certainly use an extra set or two of hands. Any volunteers .mp4 - 47.7 MB
hotjade-2021-05-31-2122398057-Out on the boat for Memorial Day weekend. I love how my right brown areola shows thru my suit near the end .mp4 - 46.8 MB
hotjade-2021-12-24-2310141008-Here is the compiled video of me with a super HOT female stranger at a bar. We were passing through this to.mp4 - 45.0 MB
hotjade-2021-11-09-2269165338-A little BJ and 69 action with my recent SuperFan meat up..mp4 - 44.6 MB
hotjade-2021-10-26-2244995306-PART 5 OF 5 Back in the hotel bedroom. I was a bit tipsy_-_and super horny. Going out in sexy, naughty .mp4 - 44.2 MB
hotjade-2021-10-12-2244953419-PART 1 OF 5 Wore this out to a bar recently. The black bodysuit is sheer and see through. No jacket or .mp4 - 44.2 MB
hotjade-2021-08-26-2188068997-Lounging on the back of the boat._-_Catching some sun and letting the girls lose as cars drive by in the ba.mp4 - 44.2 MB
hotjade-2021-06-30-2145899710-Was on travel recently and hubby took this video after I got out of the shower. Nothing extreme but a bit p.mp4 - 43.3 MB
hotjade-2021-11-06-2202950967-Do you like BLUE panties.mp4 - 42.8 MB
hotjade-2022-02-17-2324239065-Love this set of lacey panties and super loose tank top. I've got to find a place to wear this top out and l.mp4 - 42.4 MB
hotjade-2021-10-08-2234654526-Getting SPITROASTED...I love it Soooo hot and sexy having 2 c cks at once in me. Stay tuned much more.mp4 - 42.0 MB
hotjade-2022-04-02-2372635405-Would you like to cum home and have this view Me waiting for you naked Ready to drop between your legs an.mp4 - 41.4 MB
hotjade-2021-10-16-2244960857-PART 2 OF 5 Having tons of fun playing around in the elevator. Went up and down a few times to record all.mp4 - 41.3 MB
hotjade-2021-07-26-2170614706-Here is the new mask I got so that I don't have to blur my face as often. I still have a bit of other content.mp4 - 41.3 MB
hotjade-2021-10-28-2245032684-Enjoying the last bit of summer before the cold weather starts to settle in. Say my name... If you love.mp4 - 41.2 MB
hotjade-2021-08-25-2188033987-Here's some underarms and boobies for you. ( o )( o ) If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciate.mp4 - 39.8 MB
hotjade-2021-07-16-2161947516-Having some bottomless fun while on the water. You can hear the vehicles driving by...we are anchored very .mp4 - 39.5 MB
hotjade-2021-10-27-2245015950-Dinner time all you can eat...yummy_-_If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 39.4 MB
hotjade-2022-01-05-2310066248-I love this sexy revealing leopard print bodysuit. I've worn this out a few times and love teasing guys at .mp4 - 39.0 MB
hotjade-2021-11-16-2269230755-Heading out for some casual lunch with hubby while recently on vacay. Got plenty of looks at the restaurant.mp4 - 38.8 MB
hotjade-2021-03-13-2053682845-New jewelry accessory -. I hope you like it._-_I'm working on a long video that puts 3 different sizes to use.mp4 - 38.7 MB
hotjade-2021-08-12-2187954385-Do you like my blue panties or just what's underneath them Would you like to rub my clit through my pantie.mp4 - 38.4 MB
hotjade-2022-01-26-2290001215-Just your FAVORITE girl...Jade, thinking about you again Imagine me on top of you, rocking back and forth..mp4 - 38.0 MB
hotjade-2021-11-22-2269968346-You asked for it, so here is more flashing. Standing on a busy corner where there are several restaurants a.mp4 - 37.8 MB
hotjade-2021-08-05-2171498125-Here's another good look at me with the mask. And me thinking about being on top of you sliding my p ssy ba.mp4 - 37.6 MB
hotjade-2020-12-14-1374566296-Little bit of a country girl in me...breaking out the flannel top and white daisy dukes near home..mp4 - 37.5 MB
hotjade-2020-12-31-1514094765-A different view of me laying on the hotel bed in my sheer gown...enjoy my feet and lower half of my face and.mp4 - 37.3 MB
hotjade-2022-02-05-2290002597-The all you can eat buffet is served. If you did, I would HAPPILY return the favor...I absolutely LOVE sucki.mp4 - 37.1 MB
hotjade-2021-06-21-2137779483-A sexy lingerie set that a SuperFan bought for me from my Amazon wishlist. Thank you SuperFan Patel I l.mp4 - 37.1 MB
hotjade-2021-08-21-2188084008-On my back waiting for your sausage._-_Are you gonna fill me up._-_If you love these posts tips a.mp4 - 37.0 MB
hotjade-2021-12-19-2289680197-Wearing this sheer bodysuit at the mall. Last minute Christmas shopping -...trying my best to get on Santa'.mp4 - 36.3 MB
hotjade-2021-08-03-2171466575-Video 2 of 2 Here I am having a blast time after time teasing the fellas. They new I was up to something .mp4 - 36.3 MB
hotjade-2021-09-01-2208275034-This one of my new favorite swimsuits that just came in and I wanted to share with you. I love the color ag.mp4 - 36.0 MB
hotjade-2021-10-22-2244993156-PART 4 OF 5 Being naughty_-_in the hotel hallway. Shhhhhhh -, someone might see us -...but if they do ho.mp4 - 35.6 MB
hotjade-2021-05-02-2080980699-Here's a lingerie outfit that SuperFan Danny purchased off my Amazon wish list. Thanks Danny...very much ap.mp4 - 35.6 MB
hotjade-2021-11-25-2234643407-Happy Thanksgiving_-_After all our SuperFan fun...a little touchy feely before heading out. If you.mp4 - 35.3 MB
hotjade-2022-02-02-2290004699-Wanna play with my titties Squeeze, suck, lick, nibble, kiss...rub your cock on them...mmmmmm Slide your.mp4 - 35.2 MB
hotjade-2021-10-25-2245004992-Love the look of nipple piercings (fake) through a sheer top. Might think about having it done one - 34.9 MB
hotjade-2021-10-09-2234641796-Riding my SuperFan cowgirl style If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 34.9 MB
hotjade-2021-10-04-2234639661-Turn up your volume...more SuperFan fun. If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 34.7 MB
hotjade-2020-12-10-1387272441-Hanging out on our driveway with no one around for miles and miles...want to cum by for a spell.mp4 - 34.5 MB
hotjade-2022-04-19-2372422605-Just a little boob play in this outfit The bodysuit and skirt definitely hug each curve tightly This is t.mp4 - 34.1 MB
hotjade-2022-05-19-2435997466-Just sitting here thinking about how much I appreciate all my fans and the support they give me. Much love_-_.mp4 - 33.5 MB
hotjade-2021-01-05-1514220435-I love being outdoors enjoying nature, it's just so beautiful. Getting some sun_-_on the girls through a croc.mp4 - 33.1 MB
hotjade-2021-12-04-2289673172-Excuse me, but is this seat taken Would you allow me to sit on your face What would you do_-_-_-_.mp4 - 32.8 MB
hotjade-2021-12-06-2289867727-PART 2 of 6 Waiting for the you think he'll have trouble focusing on the road_-_I may need to .mp4 - 32.4 MB
hotjade-2021-07-30-2168593949-I LOVE fairs...they are so much fun_-_We were traveling through a state recently, saw this fair and decided.mp4 - 31.6 MB
hotjade-2021-08-29-2188031719-Went on vacation at the start of the summer. Caught some dad's checking me out pretty much everywhere we we.mp4 - 31.5 MB
hotjade-2021-09-11-2188047356-Has a bit of everything...feet, calves, legs, p ssy, ass, boobs, lips, sound...legs spread wide._-_I hope y.mp4 - 31.4 MB
hotjade-2021-01-13-2002274204-Being silly in the woods...LOL.mp4 - 31.4 MB
hotjade-2022-01-21-2290000404-Here's a good naked spread of me...spanning feet, legs, ass, kitty, boobs. What's your favorite part(s) of .mp4 - 31.1 MB
hotjade-2021-09-28-2232555174-Hubby recording some foreplay with my SuperFan before the real fun begins...I could feel him getting hard. .mp4 - 30.7 MB
hotjade-2020-11-08-1221535714-During our hotel stay I thought you might want to have a good look at me from my lips_-_down to my feet and t.mp4 - 30.3 MB
hotjade-2022-01-24-2315008593-Do you ever look up and or into hotel windows Maybe you should...never know what you might just see .mp4 - 28.9 MB
hotjade-2020-11-06-1210930845-Here's the video of me walking down the hotel hallway from the parking lot to our room in a very revealing to.mp4 - 28.8 MB
hotjade-2021-09-03-2208272238-I love this sexy lingerie how my boobs pop out of the top. Definitely doesn't hide them at all. Plus RED .mp4 - 28.5 MB
hotjade-2021-01-21-2007921098-Missing the summer so much Can't wait to get back outside more once it warms up again. I love this top and t.mp4 - 28.0 MB
hotjade-2022-03-15-2355822256-I love to spoon...a can be your little spoon if you'll be my BIG spoon..mp4 - 27.4 MB
hotjade-2022-05-10-2372411076-Love this thin, see through dress. Definitely can't hide anything that's for sure..mp4 - 27.1 MB
hotjade-2021-09-08-2202949346-Hanging out on the back of the boat with my boob hanging out. Cars driving by behind me. Just chilling....mp4 - 26.1 MB
hotjade-2021-07-07-2150270968-Happy Hump Day I was getting humped over the weekend and thought you'd enjoy a little boob bounce video. .mp4 - 26.1 MB
hotjade-2021-06-04-2114760262-I love this yellow outfit and how it flows in the wind. Also how it hugs my body and shows off my curves. .mp4 - 26.0 MB
hotjade-2021-05-13-2106935139-I love sheer's so sexy and naughty. I love wearing it to public places where you can acciden.mp4 - 26.0 MB
hotjade-2021-01-18-2007923748-Another attempted boob drop...I'm not very good at this. -.mp4 - 25.9 MB
hotjade-2020-11-22-1286165539-Hubby was trying to get me to do a bottom up reveal...boob drop or titty drop (I think that's what its called.mp4 - 25.7 MB
hotjade-2020-12-20-1374690057-I'm imaging you entering the hotel room...there I am on the bed take off your clothes and glanc.mp4 - 25.4 MB
hotjade-2021-12-31-2289999802-Happy New Year's Eve I heard you wanted to go out to eat or is it eat out...or be eaten out or something l.mp4 - 25.3 MB
hotjade-2021-08-18-2187985137-Having some fun and being silly in front of cars driving by on the levee. I'm not that far from the shore a.mp4 - 24.3 MB
hotjade-2021-12-29-2310050010-You did say, Shaken...not stirred If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 24.2 MB
hotjade-2022-02-20-2355828508-Cum slide up here between my legs. I want to feel you press your hard cock against my wet, tight pussy. J.mp4 - 23.6 MB
hotjade-2021-08-13-2168621299-More fair boobies Went at it from a different area. Several people and cars kept coming by...I was get.mp4 - 23.5 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143653791-At another bar, hubby dared me to pull them out. Plenty of people around. Sorry for the quality, it was a bit.mp4 - 23.2 MB
hotjade-2021-12-22-2289873093-POST 5 of 6 Showing more brown town to more drivers passing by... If you love these posts tips are grea.mp4 - 23.0 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143398982-Video of me out in nature...get a good look. -.mp4 - 23.0 MB
hotjade-2021-09-22-2202947508-Another one from vaca back in very early summer. Being in and around water makes me SOOO horny. I could feel .mp4 - 22.4 MB
hotjade-2020-11-04-1196820399-As promised here it is...hope you enjoy it._-_You can see when I get turned on I start oozing white cream_-_o.mp4 - 22.4 MB
hotjade-2021-09-12-2202946976-From earlier this summer...several dads were following me around. -.mp4 - 22.3 MB
hotjade-2021-10-30-2261210076-Just shot this 20 minutes ago. Trying to get this married guy's attention on a balcony below us._-_He loo.mp4 - 21.9 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143575897-Laying out on the boat topless for all to see. -.mp4 - 21.6 MB
hotjade-2021-11-12-2269169188-You asked for some more backside, legs, and feet so here it is...enjoy.mp4 - 21.5 MB
hotjade-2021-08-17-2187968775-The rocking FROG butt shot. Feet, ass, pussy...all for your enjoyment. You can see my lips open up with e.mp4 - 21.3 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143462356-I'm on all fours, easy you want to do it from behind.mp4 - 21.3 MB
hotjade-2022-03-29-2355819746-Thinking about you beneath me...erect...hard and stiff -.mp4 - 20.7 MB
hotjade-2022-03-08-2355812338-On all fours, waiting for you to cum up behind me....mp4 - 20.4 MB
hotjade-2020-11-13-1243617964-A throw back to earlier in the summer...I already miss boating, skimpy suits, and getting naughty on the wate.mp4 - 20.3 MB
hotjade-2022-02-08-2290005404-Cum up behind me and SLIDE it in to my moist, slippery, warm kitty....mp4 - 19.9 MB
hotjade-2021-10-29-2245041941-Showing you 2 things my Kegel exercises really work and YOU can feel them when inside me. 2...ho.mp4 - 19.9 MB
hotjade-2021-10-08-2241280221-Just made this as a sample of OF content...was fun to make and now watch with sound..mp4 - 19.6 MB
hotjade-2022-01-10-2314960746-Another different angle view of this tight, sexy, see through outfit..mp4 - 19.5 MB
hotjade-2022-05-17-2355818409-Let's lay naked in bed ALL day long...touching, tasting, pleasing each other. -.mp4 - 19.4 MB
hotjade-2021-12-22-2289871874-POST 4 of 6 Showing some brown town to drivers passing by... If you love these posts tips are greatly a.mp4 - 19.2 MB
hotjade-2021-10-31-2261480114-Just got back to the hotel room and had to share with you what I wore out tonight and a shot of me playing ar.mp4 - 19.0 MB
hotjade-2021-01-29-2007936477-Little bit different angle on this one....mp4 - 19.0 MB
hotjade-2020-12-29-1387572609-Do you like nipple jewelry.mp4 - 18.6 MB
hotjade-2021-05-28-2121557880-Happy Friday Getting ready to go out tonight. Care to join me in the shower and help me lather these .mp4 - 18.1 MB
hotjade-2021-11-23-2269971565-Another feel up session with a SuperFan...enjoy Maybe you can be next.mp4 - 17.9 MB
hotjade-2021-09-06-2188048232-Happy Labor Day...hope you're having a great weekend Here's another one from our vaca early this summer..mp4 - 17.4 MB
hotjade-2022-02-22-2324228134-A nice long look at my backside just chilling on a hotel bed If you love these posts tips are greatly app.mp4 - 16.9 MB
hotjade-2021-07-04-2149055517-Hey Fans...Happy 4th of July Here's a tight, sexy, and stretchy outfit that definitely lets my nipples po.mp4 - 16.9 MB
hotjade-2021-12-14-2289868934-POST 3 of 6 At dinner showing some love_-_and brown town to our waiter and the table full of guys across fr.mp4 - 16.7 MB
hotjade-2021-08-04-2171472471-Happy HUMP Day I'm all bent over for you just waiting... I want you to put it in me soooo badly. Loo.mp4 - 16.6 MB
hotjade-2021-08-10-2187950757-Getting all cleaned up so you can make me dirty again._-_Wanna suds me up...rub my ass, pussy, and titties .mp4 - 16.5 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143612593-Wait for it, wait for it...BOOM.mp4 - 15.7 MB
hotjade-2021-09-05-2188049117-More playing around in the water. I'm pretty sure some of the cars could see me from the road behind...that.mp4 - 15.4 MB
hotjade-2021-09-07-2202952380-I enjoy a little LIGHT spanking. Into pleasure, not any pain, so even some gentle pulling of my long hair i.mp4 - 15.2 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143661626-At another bar, hubby dared me to pull them out. Plenty of people around. Sorry for the quality, it was a bit.mp4 - 15.0 MB
hotjade-2021-01-16-2007919826-Thought you might enjoy a nice and slow pan of me from the backside. -.mp4 - 14.3 MB
hotjade-2022-04-23-2433337751-Went out last night and got soooo worked up that I needed a major dicking when we got back home. This is th.mp4 - 13.8 MB
hotjade-2021-12-27-2289874618-POST 6 of 6 Boob flash in the elevator coming back home to the hotel room..mp4 - 13.7 MB
hotjade-2021-08-28-2188037781-Join me in the shower. Would you like to soap these up for me Maybe you have something you'd like to sli.mp4 - 13.5 MB
hotjade-2021-11-10-2269966273-This was us getting on the plane and heading to our vacay spot. Vacations go by way, way, way too fast..mp4 - 13.3 MB
hotjade-2022-01-28-2290010233-Easy access overalls and boobies. Just what was ordered for lunch. If you're ever MY SERVER you are in fo.mp4 - 13.1 MB
hotjade-2021-12-03-2286904039-Some hotel elevator boob sucking with our new friend from the lobby bar. Who's next_-_If you love t.mp4 - 13.1 MB
hotjade-2021-11-15-2269978641-Getting motorboated by our bar friend and SuperFan. Took the elevator for a ride and got caught when the do.mp4 - 13.1 MB
hotjade-2021-12-23-2289676874-A Superfan bought me this top off my Amazon wishlist. Thank you Kevin You're very sweet._-_Went out la.mp4 - 13.0 MB
hotjade-2022-03-01-2324236843-Shak'in the girls for you If you love these posts tips are greatly appreciated. -.mp4 - 12.7 MB
hotjade-2021-11-03-2202951887-Just imagine the feeling of me on top of you, sliding my cookie back and forth against your cock...back and f.mp4 - 12.6 MB
hotjade-2021-08-31-2202951428-Wearing my daisey dukes out on the road picking some flowers. What would you do if you drove up on us and.mp4 - 12.4 MB
hotjade-2021-12-02-2289866297-POST 1 of 6 Going out on the town in a super sexy one piece. Let's see how many heads I can get to turn. .mp4 - 12.3 MB
hotjade-2021-08-22-2188032774-I'm just a country girl at heart. Love the outdoors and beauty of nature. So peaceful out here where we l.mp4 - 12.1 MB
hotjade-2021-01-14-2002276011-Suns out...boobies out Summer flashback..mp4 - 11.6 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143566451-Having fun on the boat. Getting daring in front of other boaters nearby and cars passing nearby. -.mp4 - 11.2 MB
hotjade-2021-12-15-2289679429-Sexy little number out in the countryside...and being silly._-_If you love these posts tips are greatly a.mp4 - 11.1 MB
hotjade-2021-08-11-2187963684-Delivery Dare This is me attempting to setup a delivery dare during a recent trip we took. I was testing .mp4 - 10.5 MB
hotjade-2021-10-19-2244962762-PART 3 OF 5 At the bar getting quite a few looks and stares... If you love these posts tips are greatly.mp4 - 9.7 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143499337-So I went to happy hour with some co workers on a Friday evening, lots of flirting going on. Me and one of th.mp4 - 9.3 MB
hotjade-2021-03-15-2034771920-Chilling on the hotel bed...waiting for a SuperFan to show up and join me (just kidding, but soon I hope)._-_.mp4 - 9.1 MB
hotjade-2020-11-28-1324990441-It was so nice out today I'm really missing summer so much now...I'll have to figure out some winter fun acti.mp4 - 9.0 MB
hotjade-2021-04-01-2063643931-Happy April Fool's Day don't let anyone get you We were on travel last weekend and stopped in at this stop.mp4 - 8.7 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143604192-Trying to share the love with all my bits and pieces with you -.mp4 - 8.0 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143262741-This is the video when I was having fun with my reflection in the TV during our hotel stay..mp4 - 7.9 MB
hotjade-2020-12-18-1374657992-Heading down to the hotel lobby bar for drinks and a bit of teasing...I can be a naughty girl. -.mp4 - 7.8 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143656025-At another bar, hubby dared me to pull them out. Plenty of people around. Sorry for the quality, it was a bit.mp4 - 6.2 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143589801-Another animated picture...I love what that program does to the pics. Look closely down below. Here kitty, ki.mp4 - 4.9 MB
hotjade-2020-10-26-1143382364-Hubby found this neat program that lets you animate pictures so we're giving it a try...what do you think.mp4 - 4.8 MB
hotjade-2022-02-01-2289707902-This was me heading out with my headlights on to do some last minute grocery shopping a few weeks back. If .mp4 - 3.1 MB


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