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Jolie Lyon - I want to be dad's second wife // 850.9 MB

23-04-2024, 17:50
Jolie Lyon - I want to be dad's second wife // 850.9 MB

850.9 MB | 00:39:00 | 1920x1080 | MP4

You’ve been training your daughter for a while, and a few weeks ago you started masturbating together. Today, she says she needs to confess something to you - she’s stolen a pair of her mom’s panties from the laundry basket, and the smell of her mommy’s cunt has made her absolutely obsessed. She keeps the panties under her pillow to sniff while she touches her lil princess pussy. She tells you she likes masturbating together with you… but what she really wants is to be with BOTH her mommy and her daddy in a happy, polygamous relationship. She wants mommy to teach her how to please you best. She wants to SHARE you with mommy, not make you cheat on her. Being her own mommy’s sister-wife is her biggest dream now, and it makes her young, still virgin cunnie desperately wet. She’s BEGGING you to talk to her mom about it… but of course, your wife has no idea you’ve been touching yourself in front of your daughter. She’d hate you if she knew! So you have to find some way to play this to your advantage… maybe you’ll even get to take your daughter’s virginity?

[This taboo family fantasy video is full of role play dirty talk and features taboo scenarios played out over several days; a masturbation session between daddy and daughter; daughter’s obsession with panty sniffing; strong sniffing / smelling themes; rubbing mommy’s lace panties over her body and her cunnie; strong family polygamy / family harem themes; strong cheating themes; a night time surprise with used toys to taste and sniff; a licking, hesitant lil blowjob; daughter masturbating in front of you several times; you stringing your daughter along / playing her; virginity themes; a cowgirl riding fuck session; cumming inside; and taboo dirty talk through the entire video. Enjoy!]
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