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footjobvirgin - Sexy Latina 1 Hour FootJobVirgin Session // 1.75 GB

2-04-2023, 19:16
footjobvirgin - Sexy Latina 1 Hour FootJobVirgin Session // 1.75 GB

1.75 GB | 01:07:32 | 1920x1080 | MP4


(NOTE:  This is the FULL 1 Hour and 7 Minute uncut session video where Lovely Renee gives her first footjob ever!  Toe Sucking, Foot Worship, Handjob Teasing, Cumming with Clit-Sucker Toy too!)

For those of you that like Olive-Skin Ladies this beautiful girl will be a real treat!  Renee has one of my favorite looks being racially ambiguous a little bit curvy and really well-proportioned from toes to ankle and head to toe everywhere!  And she has the perfect amount of tattoos for my taste as well.  Enough to be artsy while still letting plenty of her natural skin tone show through.

This is the full uncut session so all of the content in each of the 5 Parts is here uncut. We start out getting to know her with some introduction chat and I show off her amazing body and gorgeous legs and feet showcased in some very sexy open-toe red heels that she has worn a LOT.  Then I set down and start getting to know her feet worshiping every part of them.  Renee enjoys getting her toes sucked and feet worshiped like its the first meal a starving man has had in a while.  I think she enjoyed the attention as much as I enjoyed giving it!  Loved listening to her breathing get a lil heavier as I went on and on savoring every inch of her sexy skin!

From there we move to her rubbing me till I almost cum through my underwear till I almost bust and then she tries out my super intense Clit-Sucker toy and has a nice cum from that.  Next his an amazing edging handjob for me to get me nice and hard and then she wraps her perfect arches around my cock and footjobs me through a few cum-denials and then I blast a huge load of cum all over her feet.  GOOD TIMES!

This is the full 1-Hour Seven Minute session video uncut in 1080p HD. The individual parts are also available as separate clips in UHD 4K Resolution.  Parts Breakdown:

Part 1 The Beginning Minutes 0-14:  Initial talking | Left High Heel off >> Foot-Worship Toe sucking Begins!

Part 2 The Other Foot Minutes 12-30 Right-Heel off >> More Foot-Worship Toe Sucking >> Rubbing cock through underwear >> Starting to get undressed 

Part 3 Using the Clit Sucker Minutes 26-48: Rubbing Cock through underwear >> Using the Lelo Clit Sucker >> Ends at Start of Handjob!

Part 4 Larry gets a Handjob Minutes 41-56: Last part of using the Lelo Clit Sucker then full Handjob Portion  (DAMN SHE IS GOOD AT THAT) to start of Footjob

Part 5 Renee's First Footjob!  Minutes 56-67  Starts in the Handjob just before Edge #6 then the full Footjob untill Larry cums from her perfect stroking soles!  Final talks and goodbye.
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