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Misty Meaner - My Brothers Sex Crazed Wife FULL // 1.78 GB

7-02-2023, 07:20
Misty Meaner - My Brothers Sex Crazed Wife FULL // 1.78 GB

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This is the full and complete series called My Brothers Sex Craved Wife , this series stars Misty Meaner. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife CFNM Handjob Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Series.

I haven't seen my sister-in-law since our vacation this past summer ( go watch My Sister-in-law Is A Sex addict ) when I got to my brothers new house to help him do some work around there new place I was happy to see Misty and she appeared to be her normal silly self again. I was so tired when I got there I told my brother I needed a power nap then I would help him finish the work on his chicken coup before dark. I was in in the middle of my nap when Misty just busted through the door and acted like everything was normal then I could see the familiar look in her eye. She started to be flirty again and she started to tell me she couldn't stop thinking about what we did on vacation and she still had her urges. I know she was on her meds she is at home! When I asked her about it she did tell me that she was indeed still on them but wanted to touch my cock again as she cant stop thinking about it and it will only be this once and she would be fine. Being the good brother -in -law that I am I let her start stroking me. She was really getting into it and even garbed some lube and really started working my shaft. I was in heaven feeling and watching my sexy Sister-in-law playing with me again it wasn't long and I came. Then I went to help my brother. man if he knew what was happening now in his own house he would be so mad!!

The next day my brother worked my butt off around there new house and it was time for dinner and we had all planned to go out . When I walked in I saw Misty in the kitchen in a really skimpy dress but hey you know how it is if you have it flaunt it right!!! When we got back from dinner my brother went to bed and I sat down to watch some TV and relax. Misty came in and started straightening up . As she was cleaning I noticed that her skirt was riding up and I didn't think I saw any panties. When she sat on the couch I finally got a clear shot of her smooth pussy. I was right she wasn't wearing panties! Misty caught me looking and covered up but then she just pulled her skirt up and started to rub her clit saying how It was just supposed to be a handjob and just once as she continued to play with her pussy. I decided this was not going to happen and told her I was going to bed. Misty walked over to me and grabbed my already hard cock and told me she was just giving it a goodnight rub. I explained that even if I wanted to do something I was to tired she responded by saying you don't feel tired and she told me she would do all the work all I had to do was lay back and enjoy. I told her I had a feeling I didn't have a choice she giggled and pulled my cock out and took it down her throat. She really wanted my cock and cum I could tell by how she was sucking me. I rewarded her by giving her my load and watched her swallow every drop with a smile on her face. She once again told me how good I tasted and assured me this was the last time that she would behave for the rest of my trip...
This morning after my brother left for work I walked into my brothers room to tell my sister-in-law that I was heading to the airport to fly home and thanks for everything and I would see them soon. Misty walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a sexy and open robe. When I told her I was leaving I saw that familiar look in her eye and I knew I wasn't going anywhere soon. She walked up tome and through me down on the bed just like she did on the family vacation. She was set on having me one last time before I left and I could tell she wanted me to fuck her. She stripped me down and sucked me hard then she rode me. When it was all over I left her with a pussy full of cum and a smile on her face. I cant wait to see her again
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