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Misty Meaner - Massage From My Brothers Sexy Wife P 1 // 1.69 GB

5-02-2023, 16:19
Misty Meaner - Massage From My Brothers Sexy Wife P 1 // 1.69 GB

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The other day after school while I was at practice I hurt my leg, my mom took me to the doctor and he told me that I had sprained slash pulled something and that I would need to do stretching exercises and give massages for a week or so until I could rejoin the team for practices. I immediately started doing the stretching exercises but my mom reminded me that my brother's wife Misty was a professional massage therapist and I could probably get one from her. I never had a massage before but I'd always had a little secret crush on Misty so the idea of her rubbing me down sounded kind of fun so I agreed. My mom made an appointment and on the day of took me over to the house and drop me off. When I went inside I found Misty sitting in the kitchen we made a little small talk and I told her this was my first massage ever. She got a big smile on her face and said no problem I'll be gentle and then laughed at me and she told me to follow her back to the bedroom where she had her table set up. Once we were in there she showed me how everything worked and told me she would leave the room while I strip naked, got on the table and under the sheets. She came back in and the massage got started for the first half of the massage she just worked on my back and my backside and the entire time I had a raging hard erection. when the time came for her to tell me to flip I did as I was told and as I turned over she had the sheet picked up but was looking away so she didn't notice my boner pointing straight in the air. she laid the sheet down on me and started working on my thigh but I could tell we both noticed the tent that was popping up in the middle of the sheet. She did her best to try and work around it but I could see she kept looking back at it and it didn't look like she was as upset as I would expect. When the massage was about finished she said I'm sorry but I have to ask what's going on here? I asked her what she meant and she said come on and pointed at my erection that was starting to poke out from under the sheets. I told her that I was sorry, that me and my girlfriend had just broken up, that it always had a secret crush on her, and this whole massage thing was really exciting! She got that smile girls get when you compliment them and told me it was fine and she could just ignore it but I decided to go a little further. I told her if she thought that was bad think about the fact that I wore loose fitting basketball shorts and I had to get into the car with my mom in 10 minutes and sometimes my erections would stay hard for a lot longer than that. We both had a little laugh and she said she felt bad putting me in the situation where I would have to get into a car with my mom while I was fully erect. She said if I could keep a secret she would be willing to help me and of course I eagerly agreed. She pulled the sheet down over my body exposing my rock hard cock and vigorously began to stroke it! After about 5 minutes of her soft beautiful hands working their way up and down my shaft I blew my load and for a moment there was awkward silence. I thanked her for everything and she laughed and said no problem and I told her I would see her tomorrow after school for my next session and she smiled and said looking forward to it I got up and I left. I really can't wait for my massage tomorrow!

This is part 1 of Massage From My Brothers Sexy Wife, This series stars Miss Demeanor. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Massage CFNM DickFlash Massage Scene.
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