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Misty Meaner - Bimbo Brain Wash // 2.17 GB

5-02-2023, 04:51
Misty Meaner - Bimbo Brain Wash // 2.17 GB

2.17 GB | 00:38:10 | 1920x1080 | MP4


Misty, a normally straight A student, is having a hard time in class. Her friend recommends she start a video diary to help talk out her feelings. She also gives Misty a sparkly friendship necklace and tells her not to take it off. Misty is thankful for the help and gift and wears it even though it isn't her normal style. What she doesn't know is that this necklace is magic...her friend wants Misty to be a bimbo slut like her so they can be dirty girls together.

Misty starts her diary on day 1, in frumpy clothes and a plain face, hair uncared for. She checks in on day 2 feeling very strange...and decides to go to bed early that night. By day 3 Misty has gone on a shopping spree, it just felt like the right thing to do and she left class early to do it. She buys makeup and new clothes and even *gasp* PINK bottoms! She is feeling better in general and mentions she might have a crush on a boy in class, she never thinks about boys!

On day 4 when Misty logs on she is visibly altered in both character in style. She has a short dress on and a bit of makeup..she even let her hair down. She talks about wanting to get her crushes attention...and how her friend always goes on dates and she is jealous. She noticed the teacher staring at her in her dress and really liked the attention. She even pretended to drop her pencil in front of him so he would stare at her ass. When her test came back as a C, he offered to give her private tutoring lessons. Misty can't focus in class now anyways, all she can think about is boys and dick. She goes to a sex shop and buys her first vibrator and plays with herself at home on her video diary.

By day 5 Misty is cutting class, has gotten rid of her glasses and All she can think about is cock!!! Now she doesn't just want one, she wants ALL OF THEM. She can't even make dinner without grabbing a cucumber out of the fridge and drooling on it, she explains and demonstrates to the camera. Day 6 and 7 things have gone to the fullest extreme. Misty is now a brainless, cock hungry BIMBO who will do anything to please men. Double face fucking herself, and bouncing her ass on a dildo while sucking another. Squirting everywhere and begging to be fucked.

Day 8- Misty is back to normal...she is very confused and has no recollection of the last week. She still wears the necklace and talks about how she is going on a blind date tonight her friend set up for her...who knows which Misty will show up!!!!
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