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Misty Meaner - My Sister-In-Law Is A Sex Addict Part 1 // 539.05 MB

2-02-2023, 23:03
Misty Meaner - My Sister-In-Law Is A Sex Addict Part 1 // 539.05 MB

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We have been planning our family vacation for over a year. It is a big deal in my family. When I arrived at the airport to pick up my brother and his wife I was shocked that I only saw my sister-in-law Misty. I asked Misty where he was and she said he was catching a later flight and that he had some things to finish up at work. That sounds just like him; he has always been a workaholic. I took Misty to the hotel where everyone was staying at and made sure she got checked in. We walked to the elevator and I walked her to her room since mine was just a few doors down. When we walked into the room misty was excited that it was a nice room. She was complaining about my brother staying late but I think she is getting used to him working all the time. Misty tossed her back pack on the bed and started looking in it frantically. I could tell she was getting upset. I asked what she was looking for and she told me she was looking for her pills and she thinks she left them. I told her don't worry, I saw a pharmacy just down the road that I would take her before dinner to get more. She told me that she can't get these at just any pharmacy. I was really confused. I have never heard of a medicine that you couldn't get from a pharmacy so I asked Misty what kind of pills they are. I could tell she didn't want to tell me but I had to know. Misty told me that they helped her with her addiction. I have never known Misty to have an addiction to anything. I have never really seen her come to think about it. I asked Misty what kind of addiction she hesitantly told me they where for her sex addiction and they help her fight off the urges and keeps her from being handsy and doing things she might regret later. I told her to relax and don't worry, just shower and get ready for dinner with the family and I would come back to get her. When I Went back to get Misty she was dressed and ready but she was still looking for her pills. She looked very upset. She was fidgety and touching herself. I asked if there was something that I could do. Misty said yes, help me look. So I walked over to the bed and looked into her back pack when she shoved me down on the bed and started to rub on my crotch!!! I asked what she was doing and she told me to just relax, that she needed this to help me get this out of her system and maybe then she wouldn't need her pills. THIS IS CRAZY. I said but I could feel my cock growing. I couldn't help it. Misty is so pretty and she is family and you are always supposed to help your family. Right? This is Part 1 of My Sister-In-Law Is A Sex Addict , It stars Misty Meaner and is a Taboo CFNM Handjob scene.
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